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Book Review: To Click Everything Save Here by Evgeny Morozov

For the last few weeks, Google has been ginning up their characteristic brand of media-fueled hyperventilation among us mere mortals. This time it’s for Google Glass – the so-called ’augmented reality’ headset that basically superimposes a voice-activated smartphone in the … Continue reading

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Doing Justice to Ronald Dworkin’s Justice for Hedgehogs

If every hockey player dreams of one day winning the Stanley Cup, then every philosopher dreams of one day writing a big fat book that all future philosophers will read alongside the works of Plato and Aristotle. Ronald Dworkin comes … Continue reading

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On Black Swans and Related Matters

The first time I read anything by John Ralston Saul was at the behest of a 40-something Mexican-American school teacher I met in Argentina. Hernando, as we’ll call him, was one of the most well-read people that I met in … Continue reading

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The Meme Wars: Episode 2: An Electric State of Mind

In my last post I went on for several thousand words about memes as avenues for understanding human culture. In particular, I argued that memes were a good place to start looking for common threads between the social aims espoused … Continue reading

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Portrait of The Moral Landscape

In The Moral Landscape I was expecting more of Harris’ excellent writing, thorough research and sarcastic wit. I got all of these, to be sure. But what was lacking was the content of a new book worthy of a man with Harris’ talents. Continue reading

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Book Review: Wrong by David H. Freedman

By coincidence I was reading a book this week called Wrong by David H. Freedman. It’s an enchanting tale about the many ways that the media experts, pundits, public academics and various gurus (management, investing, etc…) manage to fuck up so spectacularly, so often. Continue reading

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Book Review: How Pleasure Works by Paul Bloom

his book is an early step on the march toward an understanding of human well-being that is not defined exclusively in psychological terms, but which is nevertheless heavily informed by the factual contingencies of our evolutionary, biological past. Continue reading

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