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In Praise of Books Unread (Part 1)

Every year I tell myself I should read more. And for the last couple of years I’ve turned that perpetual resolution into a public self-shaming by going onto and setting myself an ominous goal of reading 104 books, or … Continue reading

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My generation doesn’t vote too much. That, and our votes are washed out by the older generations. Eventually, of course, that won’t be the case. What might this mean for Canada? Luckily for you all, I can easily make a … Continue reading

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Welp, I Tried to be Serious.

There’s a book called Quirkology by a Wiseman. I mean that literally – he’s Richard Wiseman. He writes about the oddities of psychology in a charming style that I highly recommend. Today, out of the blue, one study he wrote … Continue reading

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The Entire Universe, As Copied-And-Pasted From Wikipedia

Greetings humans. Faithful readers will note that there is considerably more cursing around here lately. I should fucking hope so. See, if I’m avoiding swearing, that means I’m caught up in a very urgent form of self-restraint. Blasphemy and scatology … Continue reading

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On Pope Francis I

Disclaimer: I know practically nothing about the outer workings – much less the inner ones – of the Catholic Church. What follows is rampant speculation. New Argentine Pope, clocking in at a spry 76. Seems friendly enough, none too spastic … Continue reading

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Book Review: To Click Everything Save Here by Evgeny Morozov

For the last few weeks, Google has been ginning up their characteristic brand of media-fueled hyperventilation among us mere mortals. This time it’s for Google Glass – the so-called ’augmented reality’ headset that basically superimposes a voice-activated smartphone in the … Continue reading

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Doing Justice to Ronald Dworkin’s Justice for Hedgehogs

If every hockey player dreams of one day winning the Stanley Cup, then every philosopher dreams of one day writing a big fat book that all future philosophers will read alongside the works of Plato and Aristotle. Ronald Dworkin comes … Continue reading

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