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Darwin: Clever Like a Fox (News)

The sadist in me loves American politics. I get a certain sick joy from watching the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin bloviating ignorantly about matters of crucial importance to their country and the world. … Continue reading

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An Emerging Taste for Good and Bad

So far as I can tell, a perception-like concept of morality nicely encapsulates the emergent, emotion-driven nature of what we feel to be right and wrong. It also gives us room for competing legitimate moralities as well as the possibility of refining our moral ‘tastes’. Continue reading

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On Black Swans and Related Matters

The first time I read anything by John Ralston Saul was at the behest of a 40-something Mexican-American school teacher I met in Argentina. Hernando, as we’ll call him, was one of the most well-read people that I met in … Continue reading

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